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Soller Residences Mandug Buhangin, Davao City

Soller Residences at Ciudades is a new subdivision project by Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated.  It is located in Mandug, Buhangin, Davao City.  Soller Residences offers high-class townhouse and lot only packages.
It is a middle-cost project but high-end development.  It is highly elevated and flood-free.

Features & Amenities
Fully Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
Community Clubhouse
Swimming Pool
Basketball Court
Children’s Playground
Wild Concrete Road Network
Paved Sidewalks with concrete curbs & gutters
Underground Storm Drainage System
Electrical Facilities
Centralized Water System
Shade Trees & Mercury Lamps along the Roads

Soller Residences, Mandug Buhangin, Davao City - actual site photo

Soller Residences, Mandug Buhangin, Davao City – actual site photo

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Where is the project located?
    Ans. This is located few mins away from Narra Park Tigatto. Just 8km to Ateneo Matina campus via Waan and Magtood.
  2.  What is the mode of payment for Sta Lucia?
    Ans. For now for SOLLER In-house financing only. (No bank nor Pagibig).
  3.  How much is the association dues?
    Ans.  Projects which are not yet turned-over to the Association like Soller, the Developer is the one paying the for maintenance. If there are existing homeowners already, they will then create an association and they will decide how much is the monthly dues. If we based on our existing projects, its at P1/sqm/month.
  4.  What are the requirements?
    – 2 valid government ID, w/ 3specimen signatures
    -NSO Marriage Cert, and NSO Birth certificate (husband & wife, if applicable) – PHOTOCOPY only
    -Tin Verification Slip
    – Two (2) Proof of billing (light, water, cable, internet, telephone, bank statement showing address)
    (if none, just present any of the above and we will provide Authorization Letter that u will use thataddress)
    –  Filled up Buyers Information Sheet
    – Signed Reservation Agreement Forms, CTS, DOR (we will provide)
    – Important, for clients with Foreigner spouse, we require Affidavit of Waiver of Conjugal rights. (will send u a copy if needed)
  5. Can the buyer build already a house at SOLLER?
    Ans. As long as the client is paid at least 50% of his lot and as long as the area is ready and buildable.
  6. Average lot size?
    Ans. 120sqm
  7. Soller is offering townhouses?
    ans. Yes, but this will be offered mid-part of selling
  8. When is the turnover for Soller?
    Ans.  2019
  9. What is the source of water?
    Ans. Dumoy is providing water up to Tigatto and Mandug, so most likely we will use Dumoy as well.
  10. What is the spot cash discount?
    Ans. Regular spot cash discounts given for Sta. Lucia Developments in Davao City is 10%, but for SOLLER, we give 15% discount for 90%DP not 100% because 10% is retention amount, this will be paid If title is ready along with the miscellaneous fees or title fees. Pls note however that 15% discount for spot 90% DP is given if the client pays in 7days. 12% discount for 30days. 10% discount for 60days, 8% discount for 3mos, (PROMO ONLY, DISCOUNTS will change accordingly)
  11. Is Soller flood zone? What is the elevation?
    Ans.  No, if Soller will be flooded then whole area of Tigatto will be washed out like Narra Park, Las palmas, Deca Tigatto.. etc. but this will not happen as we are elevated by lowest 49feet above sea level, highest 121feet above sea level.

Why Buy Soller Residences?

✔ Min. 10-meter road wide for minor roads. Other subdivision offers 6.5meters or even smaller.
✔ High class development by Sta Lucia yet very affordable.
✔ Price wise P5k per sqm for first 50lots, neighbouring lots at P9,500/sqm Narra Park, P13,000/sqm northtown, P20,000/sqm northcrest.
✔ Non-flooded area
✔ Will appreciate much in value over time
✔ best investment in the market today
✔ offers 3 year no interest good as cash
✔ Just 8km to Ateneo University Matina and soon to open MAPUA Campus.
What are the other projects of Sta Lucia?
✔ Ponte Verde (front of Airport)
✔ Ciudad Verde (maa)
✔ Riverfront (maa)
✔ South Pacific (cat pequenio)
✔ Rancho Palos Verdes (Mandug)
✔ Sotogrande condotel (@riverfront Maa)
✔ Valle Verde (Panacan)
✔ Las Palmas (Tigatto)
✔ Altea(Tigatto)