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Another model having a luxurious contemporary design is the Corazon. It has patterns of lines proportional to its shape. It is painted with minimal colors having a perfect white dominating around the structure. Its glassed windowpanes have a translucent style and simple frameworks. It has a parking area roofed with its neatly painted balcony. The house symbolizes a unit fit for modern and symmetric living.
The houses have elegant loft type architectural designs with spacious living room, kitchen and dining area. It has elegant stairs, corridors, minibars and terraces and perfectly fitted bedrooms, closets, storage areas and restrooms with bathtubs.

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Corazon Model House

Lot Area: 100 sqm | Floor Area: 155 sqm

3 Bedrooms


  1. 10% Discount on DP when paid in full within 7 days from payment or reservation.
  2. 5% Discount on TCP when spotcash payment or within 7 days from reservation.
  3. 3% Discount on DP/TCP when paid within 15 days or 1.5% if made withing 30 days from reservation.


  1. Additional P1000 per sqm for overlooking lots and beach line lots.
  2. Excess lots shall bear additional cost of lots per square meter. Corner lots shall be imposed additional charges per square meter.
  3. The total package price includes the miscellaneous charges, processing fees, admin fees and reservation fee. It does not however include mortgage redemption and fire insurance premiums.
  4. Loanable amount is subject to *Credit Committee or bank approval.
  5. Document requirements are to be submitted within 7 days from date of reservation. However, the buyer may be further required to submit/update other documents.
  6. All checks must be payable to Davao Elite Properties Marketing Corporation. No agent/broker/unauthorized personnel are allowed to issue Official Receipts.
  7. The Developer reserves the right to correct any typographical errors appearing in this pricelist.
  8. This pricelist is for initial presentation purposes only and subject to change without prior notice.

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