Lot For Sale at CrestView Homes Mintal, Davao City

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CrestView Homes offers Lot Only package aside from its House and Lot Package.  CrestView Homes is a new low cost subdivision project by Urbaneast Development, Inc. The project is located at Mintal, Davao City. The subdivision has four affordable models to choose from namely Diantha A (Single Attached), Diantha B (Single Detached), Helena A (Single Attached), and Helena B (Single Detached).

Aside from the 4 model house mentioned, buyers can also purchase LOT ONLY at CrestView Homes.

Payment schemes are In-House Financing and Pag-Ibig Financing.


Lot Area: 100 sqm

Package Price: P580,000

Reservation Fee: P15,000


Total Loanable Value: P420,000

Total Equity Includes Transfer & HDMF Fees: P173,819

Equity 6 Mos to Pay: P28,970 per month

Equity 12 Mos to Pay: P14,485 per month

Equity 18 Mos to Pay: P9,657 per month

Equity 22 Mos to Pay: P7,901 per month

Total HDMF Take Out: P420,000

20 yrs @ 5.5% int. rate (Indicative): P2,889 per month

25 yrs @ 5.5% int. rate (Indicative): P2,579 per month

30 yrs @ 5.5% int. rate (Indicative): P2,385 per month


50% Down Payment: P282,500

SPOT Down Payment 3% Disc: 274,025

6 Mos @ 0% int. rate: P47,083 per month

12 Mos @ 0% int. rate: P23,542 per month

15 Mos @ 0% int. rate: P18,883 per month

18 Mos @ 0% int. rate: P15,694 per month

22 Mos @ 0% int. rate: P12,841 per month

50% Balance: P282,500

3 yrs to pay @ 12% int: P9,383 per month

5 yrs to pay @ 15% int: P6,721 per month

7 yrs to pay @ 17% int: P5,773 per month

10 yrs to pay @ 18% int: P5,090 per month


Spot Cash 30 days: 3% Discount: P548,050

6 Monthly Payments: 2% Discount: P92,283 per month

12 Monthly Payments @ 0% int.: P47,083 per month

24 Monthly Payments @ 0% int.: P23,542 per month

36 Monthly Payments @ 8% int.: P15,694 per month

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