Low Cost Housing refers to housing packages with loan ceilings ranging from above PHP450,000 up to PHP3 million or in such other amounts which HUDCC may prescribe in the future.

– Level 1 = above PHP 450,000.00* to PHP 1,250,000.00** (BP 220 standard);
– Level 2 = above PHP 1,250,000.00** to PHP 3,000,000.00 (PD 957 standard);

Davao City, as a premier city in Mindanao and center of business and trade,  has been experiencing  growth spurt in terms of population.  With its plenty of high-caliber colleges and universities, many students from neighboring provinces, even far-flung cities, flocked to Davao City.  Business and investment growth in Davao City also brought many employment opportunities – all contributing for the need of housing in the beautiful city of Davao.
To address the need for low cost housing in  Davao, Subdivision developers are now offering house and lot packages with easy payment terms for you to be able to have the house of your dreams, making you live comfortably and securely.  You can now choose several project developments, may it be in the north side or south side of Davao City.

Here is a list of Low Cost Housing in Davao city which you can avail now.

Amorsolo Homes is a Economic/Socialized Housing project of Mountain Haven Development, Inc. The project is located at Angalan Mintal, Davao City.

Amorsolo Homes, Carlos “Botong” FRANCISCO Model House

Francisco (Rowhouse)

Package Price: P595,000


Amorsolo Homes, Guillermo TOLENTINO Model House

Tolentino (Bungalow)

Package Price: P671,000

Amorsolo Homes, Vicente MANANSALA Model House

Manansala (Bungalow)

Package Price: P2,350,000

Amorsolo Homes, Napoleon ABUEVA Model House

Abueva (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,280,000

The combination of an affordable housing, low cost to middle cost housing is what Apo Highlands Subdivision has to offer. The project is located at upper Catalunan Grande.

Apo Highlands Subdivision, Tulip Duplex, Catalunan Grande

Tulip (Duplex)

Package Price: P935,000

Apo Highlands Subdivision, Melchora Townhouse, Catalunan Grande

Melchora (Townhouse)

Package Price: P1,540,000

Apo Highlands Subdivision, Jasmin Bungalow, Catalunan Grande

Jasmin (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,150,000

Apo Highlands Subdivision, Waling-waling, Bungalow, Catalunan Grande

Waling-waling (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,726,000

Apo Highlands Subdivision, Cattleya Bungalow, Catalunan Grande

Cattleya (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,490,000

Cambridge Heights is a low-cost subdivision located in Malagamot, Panacan, Davao City. It is a 10-hectare economic housing project composed of about 550 house units.

Cambridge Heights, Alexi Model Duplex, Malagamot Road, Panacan

Alexi (Duplex)

Package Price: P954,500

Cambridge Heights, Dominique Model Duplex, Malagamot Road, Panacan

Dominique (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,230,500

CrestView Homes is a new low cost subdivision project by Urbaneast Development, Inc. The project is located at Mintal, Davao City.

CrestView Homes, Diantha-A, Mintal

Diantha A (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,350,000

CrestView Homes, Diantha-D, Mintal

Diantha D (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,320,000

CrestView Homes, Helena-D, Mintal

Helena D (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,250,000

CrestView Homes, Helena-A, Mintal

Helena A (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,225,000

Las Casas de Maria is a new affordable and low-cost housing located at Indangan, Buhangin, Davao City. It offers three (3) quality house models – Bonita, Maria and Cecilio.

Las Casas de Maria, Bonita, Duplex, indangan

Bonita (Duplex)

Package Price: P700,000

Las Casas de Maria, Maria, Bungalow, indangan

Maria (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,150,000

Las Casas de Maria, Cecilio, Two Storey, 2 Storey, indangan

Cecilio (Two-Storey)

Package Price: P1,800,000

The Prestige Subdivision is a affordable housing project in Cabantian, Buhangin, Davao City, it consist of socialized, low cost to mid cost housing package.

The Prestige Subdivision, Diego, Duplex, Cabantian

Diego (Duplex)

Package Price: P660,000

The Prestige Subdivision, Kate, Bungalow, Cabantian

Kate (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,452,000

The Prestige Subdivision, Ezra, Two Storey, 2 Storey, Cabantian

Ezra (Two Storey)

Package Price: P1,786,200

The Prestige Subdivision, Chico, Bungalow, Cabantian

Chico (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,155,000

The Prestige Subdivision, Zach, Bungalow, Cabantian

Zach (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,669,200

The Prestige Subdivision, Mike, Two Storey, 2 Storey, Cabantian

Mike (Two Storey)

Package Price: P2,475,200

The Prestige Subdivision, Luke, Two Storey, 2 Storey, Cabantian

Luke (Two Storey)

Package Price: P1,375,000

The Prestige Subdivision, Claire, Bungalow, Cabantian

Claire (Bungalow)

Package Price: P1,672,200

The Prestige Subdivision, Camille, Two Storey, 2 Storey, Cabantian

Camille (Two Storey)

Package Price: P2,607,000

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